Today I had a maternity check-up. In the previous check-up, I was warned by my doctor because I'd gained too much weight too much, which made him direct me to write what I ate for 3 days. According to the doctor, pregnant women should control their gain in weightweight gain until plus 10kg at the point of their deliveries. In my case, I had already put on 9kg at the end of 8th month. Hence after the previous check-up, I've been careful not to get fat. Fortunately, I found out I had lost weight for 1 kg 1 kg weight this time. The doctor praised me for my effort and I swore I would keep on being cautious about my weight.

第172回 TOEIC結果


Today was the day my July'sTOEIC score was announced.
It was just 900 again. AGAIN=(!!!

I remembered that time.
Ordinarily, I have a little time to carefully read my answer sheet again before I hand in it, but that time, I didn't.
What's worse, I was sure I hadn't done well in the listening section.

So, I thought my score would be around 850.
Taking these things into account, my 900 score was better than I had expected.

However, last March's score was 900 and June's was 895.
These obviously indicate that my English hasn't improved.
I want to blame being pregnant for this poor score, but of course, it's a lame excuse.
No improvement means no improvement.

Anyhow, since this afternoon, I have been so shocked.
I have to find a breakthrough solution, immediately.
I shouldn't do quick-fix learning that is only aimed for TOEIC.
I have to drastically ameliorate my English ability.

【!】Just a note, you will never hear anyone use "ameliorate". It is a 25cent word, and 99% of Americans won't even know what it means... ; )

So I re-programmed my learning schedule.



This afternoon I had lunch with my friends from my university.
The restaurant where we went was located in the center of Osaka and very nice, so I had wanted to go there for a long time.
It had 4 kinds of lunch sets, which included bread eating as much as we like.
I shouldn't have eaten a lot of carbohydrates, but I did, since I love bread and the bread it served looked so delicious.
I swore I would restrict the amount of meal starting tomorrow.

Today while I took my dog for walk, I passed by the house that had a shiba, which was known for its violent nature and tendency of easily barking. Actually it often barks towardat other dogs every time they pass by the house.
"Toward" is ok, however it is not a natural word to use, "at" is native sounding.
After barking, it seems that it is reprimanded by its owner. Basically, I like seeing someone or something be in trouble, which makes me laugh. When I got to the house it was sleeping. So I pinched my dog's ear, which made her bark. Then hearing the roar, it woke up. Sure enough, it started barking towardat my dog, which was funny. Mr. Shiba is so stupid. After a while, the owner came out of the house, and started scolding it. Hearing his angry voice, I began to leave the site as if I had not known anything saying to my dog that poking fun of him was really funny.



I think people should leave quicklyquickly leave ATM or automatic ticket machine etc. after they finish their business.
Yesterday I went to the ATM to check my bank account balance. The bank had only 1 ATM machine, so as usual, I had to wait for a while. There was one person in front of me and I was waiting for him to finish his procedure.
Then, the sound of the machine stopped, so I thought finally my turn came. However, the person didn’t try to leave at all. It was obvious he had already done his transaction. Actually, he was dawdling by putting his money back toin his wallet and looking at his bankbook. (you can't put money "back" if it wasn't in his wallet to start with.)
It was very disgusting because except me, there were some people who were waiting by standing in a line.He could have done suchthese things after leaving the ATM.
Every time I see thisthese kind of people, I really get irritated.I don't like such obtuse people.
Also, just so you know, EVERYONE in America, will put their money in their wallet, before they ever turn around.... no one wants the 'bad guys' see you leave with cash. I do this myself. Get cash, immediately put in wallet, then turn to leave. We don't do anything else, but men and women alike.. aren't going to budge until any cash they have is safely out of site. :P