実ビジ・ディクテーション:9/21:Losing Weight(3)

Nissen says his wife uses small plates and bowls to avoid large portions
and make sure he doesnt snack after 8 pm.
To help with exercise, he wears patdametaersa pedometer in an and aims tofor 10000 steps a day.
Garcia says she is careful to get a good night's sleep and weighs herself every evening and morning.
Nissen says insufficient sleep increases levels of hunger hormone.

This is a device that measures how many steps we take
In this case, the root ped means foot
I'D also shows up in pedicure and
meter means measure, Thermometer, speedometer, chronometer.

Come to:
In this case, come to means amount to, add up to some number
Imagine, you're buying a plane ticket.
You could say,
With tax and the fuel surcharge, it comes to 85000yen.

Step in the right direction:
This is an action that will make some improvement in a situation, make some progress toward desired goal.
Let's say I'm pretty disorganized person.
I'm always forgetting appointments and loosing people's phone numbers
If I buy myself an appointment book, that's step in the right direction.

Get a good night's sleep:
Sleep well, in other words. Another common expressions using sleep is sleep like a log, which means sleep very soundly, as if you were an unmovableimmovable log.
I sleep like a log, myself.I once slept through a fire alarm when I was a little girl.

Weigh oneself:
Garcia uses "weigh" in the sense of measure one's physical weight, see many pounds or kilograms we have.However weigh can also mean evaluate, consider, you know as if forwe're putting something on a scale, I'mand saying
how valuable is this to me, Is this thean option I wannna choose?
For example, the goverment is weighing more stimulus mesures, the goverment is considering
whether it should implement more stimulus measures.

Work out:
Garcia uses work out to mean, prove effective or successful or develop in a satisfactory manner.
For example, we got some new software last month and it's worked out great, in other words,
It's functioning well, people were able to use it, etc.
Work out can also mean, find the solution to something, solve some issue, like
I haven't worked out how to use this software yet.

Endorphin buzz:
In this case, buzz means a statement of excitement, euphoria as if we've just taken a drug orof some kind.
Garcia also could have said I'm getting an endorphin high or I'm getting an at whatwhen I succeed.





完全攻略 中学英語 英文法 1~3年完全攻略 中学英語 英文法 1~3年


そしてこれプラス、私の本棚に眠っていた”TOEIC TEST英単語スピードマスター”を使う予定です。私も再度復習できるし。。

TOEIC TEST英単語スピードマスターTOEIC TEST英単語スピードマスター
成重 寿



For one of my students, I am going to make a special curriculum.
The student is a beginner and takes my lesson 4 times a week.

Much to my joy, he seems to blindly trust me, which motivates me, and this time he asked me to customize the lessons.
Actually he is taking Filipino's lesson now, but he's going to quit all of them, and if necessary, he seems to take my lesson more.

Of course I'm glad with this offer, but I refused.
I think students should study a lot by themselves, and I myself have to secure my time for learning.

実ビジ・ディクテーション:9/20:Losing Weight

Nissen says another of his slogans is pay attention to portions.
He and Collins agree that Americans now regularly eat enormous amounts of food.
And collins says she orders from children's menu to avoid that.
Nissen says he limits himself to portionsbut their size at hand that are the size of the palm of his hand or deck of the cards, and also takes care to eat slowly and enjoys each bite.

We often use this about songs and phrases that are memorable, easy to say, you know
so they're catchy your mind
We hum catchy commercial jingles, don't we?
And remember catchy phrases from political campaign like "Yes, we can"

Get out of hand:
This means get out of control, become unmanageable, go too far.
Our spending can get out of hand, if we're not careful, for example.

Reach the point where:
It reaches this level, this degree, Collins' saying. She also could have said "it's gotten to the point where I order from kids menu"
I don't drink soda, anymore. But few years ago, It reached the point where I drank 3 or 4 a day.

Keep a tight rein on:
This expression uses the image of keeping a horse under crossa close control by pulling tightly on its reins.
Not ready in letting it run around freely.
So keep a tight rein on means to restrain, curve, or control something carefully.
For example, the company manage to reduce its debt by keeping a tight rein on personal costs.
Or he keeps a tight reign on his staff. All their decisions have to be approved by him.

If something is off limits, and we're not allowed to use it, access it, etc.
Some companies have elevators, just for top executives, right?
So those elevators are off limits to all other staff.

Keep something in check:
This also means to restrain something, control it.
In winter, I wear sweaters to keep my electricity bills in check.
I use a smartphone app to help keep my spending in check.

Pace don't race:
One very common use of pace is pace oneself, which means regulate one's pace, so we don't get exhausted or burn out.
Let's say I decide to clean my apartment. A friend could tell me
"Don't try to do everything in one go. You know, pace yourself."

Make a concerted effort to:
Now some people would say this is a mistake.
In some dictionaries, concerted refers to a joint combined activity.
So by this definition, "Make a concerted effort" would mean "make an effort in corporation with
other people, or organizations."
Such as, members of the UN are making a concerted effort to fight malaria.
However, many people use this as Nissen does to mean "make a diligent, serious effort"
and this definition is included in other dictionaries.


”いや、中国は情報が操作されてるからね。Chinese people are kept in the dark."

Keep something/someone in the dark:秘密にしておく 闇に巻く

いまちょうどbank of America がmiddle eastにサイバーアタックされているようで、彼は”ネットで明細みれないよ~”と嘆いてました。

助詞”に”も”で”もat/in という意味があるのに、下記例2のように使えないことを説明するハメに。




She forgot the appointment.
She didn't show up.

Kind of "broke the appointment" or "spoiled the appointment"とか説明してみました。もちろんこれらの表現は間違いです。


Today was my 38th week maternity check-up.
To my surprise and sadly, my cervix dilation was only 1 cm, which was not changed from last week.
Furthermore, my baby seems to still stay at high placestay higher up in my uterus.

Accordingly, the day when I would be hospitalized was postponed to the week after next.
Right after the medical examination, I nagged at my baby as in "What are you dawdling for? Come down to the bottom of my womb!", but soon an idea hit me.
He might be attentive and nice to me to try to give me a kind of stay of execution, so that I can study English as much as I like without being bothered by him.

実ビジ・ディクテーション:9/19:Losing Weight

Some of the H&B starff meet for lunch, during which
Garcia and Collins' complimetn Nisssen on his improved fitness.
Nissen explains that his regular trips to the gym on thatwere not resulting in much weight loss as he hoped.
So he adopted the diet by slogan method.
He says this involves pasting motivational slogans such as
move it andto lose it, on places like his refridge or computer.

It's been what:
Collins's using this construction in athe sense of this is my estimation, this is my undestanding, correct me if I'm wrong.
You can use it forwith a variety of different question words, for example, It's how far 10 minutes walk to the restaurant or We've invited how many .. twenty people to ourthe reception

As trim and healthy as ever:
We use as something as ever, when some quality is unchanged a person or thing has been this way, and they still are this way.
If someone in your office turns in yet another, original innovative proposal, you could say
"She is as creative as ever I see."
Or if someone continues to be arrogant, you can say "He is as conceited as ever."

Check out:
Examine, take a look at, Garcia's saying.
She is using it in the sense of Wow isn't this something!
If I saw really cheap prices at the travel agency, for example,
I could say it to oura friends,
"Check out these vacation deals , they are really cheap" Or
I might say
"I think I 'll check out the new store tomorrow. See if I like thetheir merchandise.

Put something down to:
Nissen means "I attribute something to, I think something is caused by"
Imagine someone in your office is a bit rude, one day, you might say
I put it down to fatigue, he is really busy lately.

Clean living:
Nissen is joking here, using "clean living " to mean "apure moral life."
One inWarning which you cant be critisized on the moral grounds.
However, I've also seen this term used to mean healthy living a lifestyle, geared toward nutrition, fitness etc.
As in He is dedicated to clean living
He doesnt drink or smoke and exercises every day.

That's a new one on me:
We use this to mean, we've never heard of something or experienced it before.
There is also the expression "That's news to me."
But I think this means more I didn't know that or I haven't heard that
you know, for example
If Mr.A says"Did you know John's leaving next month?"
Mr.B might say"No, that's news to me."

Tell me about it:
Garcia is actually asking for more information.
This phrases is often used to mean, I know, I feel the same way or
I've had the same experience.
If someone said, "isn't it hot today?"
I might reply "Tell me about it, I'm sweating like a pig."

Move it:
Nissen's slogan refers to actually moving your body.
But we also use move it to mean hurry up.
As in We'd better move it or we'll miss the train.



Although I'm not interested in politics, even in the activities of prefectural government in my town,
yesterday I was impressed with a new ordinance soon taken effect in Osaka.

The new ordinance can coercewill require child molesters to report their addresses and contact information after leaving prisons,and in case that they neglect this, they will be purnished.
However, there are some points concerning this ordinance that I think should be revised in the near future.

First of all, this revelation is adapted with only the offenders who molest children who are under 18.
Needless to say, all offenders, whether they offend children or adults, in short, regardless of victim's ages and sex, should be imposed this duty.

Second, The term of the revelation of their information is limited only to 5 years. It's too short.
Personally, the exposure should be continued until they die , because I believe bad, nasty propensity will never be redressed, simply say, there will be a lot of possibility that they repeat crimes over and over.
At the risk of sounding harsh, once becoming sex offenders, I think they don't have the right to spend normal lives like ordinary people.

Third, the penalty in case they fail to adhere to this rule is at most 50,000yen, which is too small.
For me, it won't be expensive even if the fine is 1,000,000 yen.

Taking all of above into account, this new ordinance is still lenient.
Sex offenders should be disciplined more tightlyseverely, because they are nothing but the scum of society.


最近japan timesやそのweekly見本紙、図書館通いなどで無料でぼちぼち勉強しています。いやーただで勉強できるってほんとすばらしいです。そう思うとエクスチェンジパートナーとの交流も非常に家計に、経済的に貢献してくれているので大変たすかってます。

Today I talked with my Filipino friend for an hour over skype for the first time in months.
I was glad to find her well like before. After catching up with each other, she asked me about my delivery.
I really want to meet her in person and I was supposed to do so last May, but because of my pregnancy, it couldn't come true.

Maybe because of the bad connection, sometimes we couldn't hear well each other well, but
we really enjoyed our talking.



Today I had an extra lesson with one of my adult students.
Actually this morning, he suddenly sent me an e-mail and asked me whether I could give him my lesson or not tonight, which made me so surprised.
【!】native ------> which surprised me.
He is a very avid student, because he has to use English at his office, and I dont know why, he really seems to trust in me.

実ビジ・ディクテーション:9/14:Brand Ambassadors in Action(6)

S:In our current vignette Umemura Seiji has just returned from a trip to observe student business ambassadors at 2 ohio universities.
He described how Health and Beutity reps helped freshmen to move in, givegave away free goods, and sponcered a welcome dinner.
Was there anything like this, when you went to your colleage, Heather?

H:Not in this level, no. There were certainly veryvarious commercial promotions.
I remenbered being able to get a credit card quite easily and receiving coupons for local stores you got at orientation time. But there wasnt anything on the scale described in the vignette, or like I've seen in various articles lately. I was just reading about a major retailer, for for example, that buses new students to its stores for midnight shopping event.

S:So what's your opinion of involved this marketing by students for students?

H:I have to admit my gut reaction regarding this students brand ambassaders concept was not good. I really dont wanna see the colleage experience devolveing into a marketing event, heavily focusd on consumption.
Perhaps I've been'm being overly idealistic, but I do see the university years as a sacred time in many ways.
Never again will a person have that much time and freedom, to study such a dieverse range of subjects interact with such diverse range of people
And I can't shake the feeling that over comerciallization will tenkttake the experience.
I think its extremelly inportant for university administrators to keep an eye on studnet ambassadors' activities and make sure they don't interfere with the pursuit of the lersning and personal growth.

S:but they do seem to be many advantages for the students

H:True, I do see the arguments that working as brand ambasaddors can be benefitial
particularry when it comes to money.
The cost of the college keeps going up and more and more young people are having to take out heavy loans to pay for it.
Pitching for various companies could help some of them reduce the deaddebt burden they have to shoulder after leaving school.I had to take out student loan myself to help pay for college and ultimadely paid them back over 10 years after graduation.
If I'd been able to make a couple of thousand dollars a year as a brand ambassador that's money I would have been able to save or invest for future instead.

S:And as Alyce collins says students ambasaddors arehave a leg up when it comes to finding jobs, after graduation.

H:Also true. Young people the world over are struggline to find work and if being a student ambassador can help new graduates find gainful employment , good.
And I suppose it would help develp student's initiative, creativity and people skill in general.
As the vignette points out, it's vital that student ambassadrs be honest and upfront about what they are doing. But learning the fine arts of presentation and persuation ie convincing other people to see thing their way can only help them in life.
I was just reading about a student ambasaddor who hopefully will learn from her mistakes in that regard.
she worked for a major information techonlogy company and apparently posted about it so often on social media network. The people connected to her threatened to block her sometimes. A good demonstlation of how less is more when it ccomes to advertising.

Braxton-Hicks started!



ちなみに前駆陣痛はfalse labor pains もしくはBraxton-Hicksだそうです。

"Yesterday, the false labor pains began and stopped, and began and stopped."


”表現間違ってないけどnative soundingじゃないね。”


"started and stopped"






Today I am going to visit 2 people for receiving a bed and a set of futon for my coming baby for free.
Today I am going to visit 2 people to pick up a bed <--- native sounding
The one who will give me the bed lives near my house, and the other lives in Kyoto.
The person <---- native

I got to know them through a bulletin board system in a certain community site,
where people can get what they want from others who have them but don't need them anymore.

If I buy these things within new condition at shops,
it will cost more than 15,000yen and now I'm cash-strapped.
【!】"With" means you're getting something "else" or, "in addition to"
I will get this bed for free with pillows.

Hence, I really appreciate their offers and I will continue regularly checking this website for getting useful information.

実ビジ・ディクテーション:9/13:Brand Ambassadors in Action(5)

Collins says students ambassadors can earn up to several thousand $ a year and requiredacquire skills that help withtheir job research after graduation.
She also says there was confusion in athe past about what was ethical.And thethat reputable companies now make sure their ambassadors are open to their activities.
However one student told Umemura she thought companies were taking advantages of people's desire to help their friends

A disoriented person is confused about where they are , where they are going, what they are doing
I got very disoriented myself on one of my first days at colleadge
All the buildings looked the same at night and I couldnt figure out where I was or how to get to my dorm.

Anywhere from to:
Anywhere, anything within this range, Collins says is saying.
A hotel room can cost anywhere from 10 thousand yen to 50 thousand yen, you might say.
Or the company plans to hire anywhere from 20 to 30 new employees

Win-win scenario:
Lyons uses this to mean a situation where both of 2 sides benefit.
For example I just saw an article that said direct yen, yuan trading between Japan and CHina would be
win win for both countries.

I've also heard this use in situations where 1 person or party has 2 good choices.
Imagine, you're trying to choose between 2 different cars.
Both have good mileage and other fetures, so it's a win win situation.
Either choice would be fine.

Make a point of:
This means making sure to do something you're considering important to treat a certain action as essential.
You might make a point of returing emails within 24 hours, for exsample. Or make a point of taking the stairs instead of the elevators.

This is to make something known, reveal it.
Cabinets menbers disclose their personal assets every year for example.
Or a company will get in trouble if it doesn't disclose all they think ofits income.

Right.And you'll often see the term, full disclosure, which refers to being completely open and honest about someghing or
revealing all the facts.

In this case, push means attempt to get someone to buy something or accept it.
It can be a noun, for exmaple,
XY electronics is giving its new computer a big push with an enormous ad campaign.

Strike a balance between:
Achieve a balance between two things, Lyon's saying, achieve a compromise.
Businesses try to strike a balance between making a profit and protecting the environment.
Company and employees try to strike a balance between working and family.

If someone's forthright, they are direct and honest.
Imagine a seminer are unti ownership on entrepreneurship opening one's own business.
Hopefully the presenters wouldwill be forthright about all challenges and riks involved.






Today I went to the hospital for my 37th week maternity check-up, where I underwent a Fetal Non-Stress Test (NST).
This test is conducted around the 37th week to evaluate whether the fetuses are fine or not by checking their heartbeat under no stress situation, in short, under no contraction.
It's a non-invasive test, which means it doesn't require to insertinsertion of medical equipment through skin like injections or into the body's opening as in gastrocamera.
According to the result, my baby seems fine. During the test, he kept on moving and moving, which made my midwife, the examiner, laughing.


”なんで中国はあんな小さい島ほしがるんだ?”と聞かれたのですが、政治がめんどくさい私は”うーん、もともとがめついからじゃない?” なーんて答えましたが、だめですよね。ということで、自分でちょっとだけ調べて日記代わりに添削してもらったりしてました。

The more I see china's graspingness to Senkaku Islands on TV news, the more I get fed up with them. 
The islands are definitely ours, which we got during the Sino‐Japanese War (1894‐1895).
There are several reasons why the lousy country tries to plunder the island, but the main ones are below.

1.The affluent underground resources the islands have, like natural gas and petroleum
2.Their tenacity of purpose to expand their own territorial waters, due to the desire of going to the Pacific Ocean through it
3.The desire and convenience to put their armed forces in this islands for unification of China and Taiwan

実ビジ・ディクテーション:9/12:Brand Ambassadors in Action(4)

Umemura says H and B attempts to hire popular students with lots of connections.
Students Collin describes as having inside knowledge of school traditions and what's cool at the universities.
She also says some companies have failed to schreen their own on-campus representitive properly, and hire people who dameged their image by pushing to hearthard.
Lyon says using students must be more cost effective than hiring cereblities.

Fraternity, sorority:
Umemura's refering to social clubs at US universities.
Fraternity is a club for male students, and sorority is for female students.

And these words can also refer to other groups of people connected by a common characteristic, like
a hobby or profession. In this case, Fraternity would refer to a group of a people wherewhereas a sorority would be specifically women.
And in this case, they dont have to be formally organized groups for example
I belong to the expats fraternity , the fraternity of Americans overseas to be specific.

Prestige, distinction, Collins means. One reason people buy luxury cars and designer bags
is because they have cachet and give us cachet as well.

Go for the hard sell:
Collins is using hard sell to mean an agressive high pressure method of sales.
It can also mean something that is diffcult to persuade people to buy or accept.
Getting voters to accept the tax increase will be a hard sell for example.
Or convincing the company to buy new computers weill be a hard sell.

The noun spam has become a Japanese word too, hasn't it?
It means email, usually unsolicited commercial email sent to a huge number of different people.
According to my dictionary, this usage comes from a skit on a British comedy show, where the word spam
gets repeated over and over and over.

Get someone's message across:
Convey someone's message, Collins' saying. Communicated it to someone.
I just saw a wonderful ad for a sports channel, which showed a little boy getting all excited about soccer matches. It really got across the message, subscribed to our channel you'll have this much fun.

Oodles of cash:
I was very interested to find out where oodles comes from, but unfortunately my dictionary says the origin is unknown.
It means a lot , a huge quantity. It's a cute, slightly childish word,
I think youwe would use it with a sense of fun, you know, like my smart phone has oodles of features, for example.

Big-name celebrity:
If something is big name, it's very famouse of widely admired.
Lyons uses it as an adjective, so there is a "-", between the two words, if it's a noun, no "-".
As in "oh he's a big name in a financial world" or "Company X is a big name in hybrid vehicles"

When we tout something, we promote it or praise it enthusiastically.
You could say something like, "The electro flyer from XYZ auto is being touted as the best hybrid ever"

千本ノック5 ちくしょ~2

千本ノック5の続きをやってみました。あーーとうとうやってしまいました。入院中病院に持っていく問題集が無い(涙 きっと疲れてるとおもうので、あんまりにも重い本とかは無理なのです。

2 20/22 6:10
3 16/22 9:30
4 19/22 7:33
5 18/22 9:46
6 8/12 4:18



Educational Testing Service


One of my friends gave me the official question collections vol2 that the TOEIC society had published.
This is very helpful, because I am going to get thea higher score than my current one.
Concerning TOEIC, my immediate goal is to obtain 950. Hopefully I want to achieve it by March next year.
I wish to accomplish this goal without too much focusing on this exam, since my real goal is not getting a good score but acquiring all of high English skills like educated native speakers, if possible.

A New Prenatal Diagnosis

昨日は真夏日かとおもいました。体も思うように動かないので、気が狂いそうでした。なので英語学習、あまりできず。入院後は勉強できないので今しか思う存分学習できないのに・・・(涙 いつまでこうグダグダ暑い日が続くんでしょうか。いい加減にしてほしいです(怒 熱くて本当に勉強できません。PCの前に座れません。家では裸族化しています。だから熱い国の原住民の人は服を着ないんだなー。服着なくて許されるからいいなぁ。。。いっそのことバスタオルで貫頭衣でもつくろうかな。

Usually I barely watch TV programs, but yesterday I did, because a program broadcasted by NHK attracted my interest so much.
Its contents was about a new prenatal diagnosis, which has been controversial in Japan recently since it came from the U.S. in last August.
Till then, to know whether fetuses have serious genetic disorder like Down's syndrome or not, we had to take an amniotic diagnosis, which was dangerous and painful.
Thanks to the new way, however, we can evaluate our fetuses' conditions by only a blood screening, which costs no less than 200,000yen though.
A doctor appered in this program worried because this method is so simple that the number of people who choose abortion after knowing that their babies are abnormal might increase in Japan.
I think a lot of people would sound an alarm about this like him.
Personally, however, I am very pleased that such a simple and safe prenatal diagnosis got within our reach. At athe risk of sounding immoral, if I knew my fetus had a serious problem that would threaten his or her life, I would definitely choose abortion.
In case I get pregnant next time, I would be over 35 years old. Hence I am positive I will take this new screening.



今日は朝から30分エクスチェンジ、30分日本語レッスン。トークではjehovas witness(エホバの証人)について話をしていました。彼らは輸血をうけつけなく、またSの知り合いがここの信者なんだそうですが、この信仰のために死にかけたことがあることなどを話してくれました。

These days, I can physically feel that my delivery, which is expected on the 2rd of October, is approaching.
First,since this morning, sometimes my groin has started to hurt, which is similar to muscle pain.
Second, I've recently felt so called false labor pains, which isare like period ones.-->period pains の方が分かりよい。

Honestly,I'm not excited.
To be honest, I'm not excited.--->better

Rather I'm getting more and more nervous imagining the real labor pains and the pain during my delivery, because it's my first experience.
Rather I'm getting more and more nervous imagining the real labor pains and the pain during my delivery, because this is my first experience.

I'm not sure whether I can get through it or not.

Most people try to calm me down saying all women have been able to go through it since ancient times, so I can do that.
Most of the people around me try to calm me down saying all women have been able to go through it since ancient times, so I can do that.--->better

However such ordinary words of encouragement never work on timid people like me.
However such a cliche of encouragement never works on timid people like me.

実ビジ・ディクテーション:9/7:Brand Ambassadors in Action(3)

Collins says nearly ten thousand studends would be working as brand ambassadors nationwide this fall aiming to garner some of the billions college students' spend every year.
As a result of their efforts, many students would become life long cutomers of certain brands,
and companies learn how to market to them she says. Adding that students also influence buying habits back home.Lyons asks what kind of students companies want to hire.

That's not chump change:
Chump change is a relatively new expression, it originated in the 1960, apparently.
It means an insignificant amount of money so if something is not chump change
it's not insignificant amount of the money, it's a lot.
A union might reject the company's offer about a pay raise, for example,
if it thinks the increase's chump change

gain insight from:
Insight, seeing into something. Collins' talking about gaining understanding of a true nature, or something.I gained a lot of insights into investing from that seminer , for example, or John shared his insights from 25years in the advatising business.

Pure gold:
That's extremely valuable, Lyon's saying. He also could have said, insights like that are worth their awaitweight in gold.
Imagine an excellent Japanese English dictionary, which always has the words you are looking for.
You could say, this dictionaly is worth its waitingweight in gold.

Under-25 set:
In this case, set means a certain group of people who share some characteristics. For example, a new
digital device might be popular amont the high school set, in other words, kids in hight school.

In practice:
Umemura means when something is actually done in the actual application orof something.
It's barevery often contrasted with in theory.
Imagine, a company that decided to start work at 7 am.
In theory, this would give employees more time off in evenings.
In practice however, employees might be sleepy and resentful about having to get up so early.

Be in demand:
Be sought after, be desired, in other words. For exmaple, Mary is in big demand as a medical translator, she gets many
reguests for her services in other words. Or telephone cards are not in big demand anymore, are they?

Business undergrad:
This is another very common abbreviation. The long version is undergraduate, likewise we call graduate students
grad students.

Shoot for:

Aim for, in other word. Seek to achieve something.
The company is shooting for 10% increase in sales this year.




Today I went to a dentist and found out I had gotten a cavitiy.
Unluckily, it is not a small one.
Usually I ask my dentist to use local anesthesia during my treatment including even removing dental plaque, so I did today as well.
Then he suggested I postpone the treatment until I would finish my delivery,because the anesthesia might affect my baby.
Hence I am going to go there in this coming November, again.

実ビジ:9/6:Brand Ambassadors in Action(2)

Umemura and Collins describe the respoisibilities of a brand ambassoder, which include assisting customers,encouragnig them to petronaize a certain company, and creating brand awareness.
Umemura says H and B provide such services at universities as helping students move in and giving welcome dinner.
Activities that appeared to leave a good impression of the company.
Lyons asks about the benefits of establishing ambassadors toat colleages.

This means to hint at some meaning to suggest that meaning
without saying it outright such as "are you implying that I lied?"
without actually saying that I lied.

First year college students, in other words.
The singular is freshman man. Second year students are sophomores.
Third year students are juniors. And fourth year students are seniors.
And the US uses these names for high school students as well.
Because high school is also a four year system there.

And I'd say Freshman is most commonly used to refer to students, but it does appear in situations like ,
a freshman senator, meaning a senator in his or her first term.

This is short for dormitory, and I'd say dorm is more common than the long version.

Frosh: This is short for "freshmen." I've also seen, Soph- Soph for sophmore
but mostly in headlines, use for space reasons I think.
I personally wouldn't use these words much in writing or speaking.

Come away with:
This measn to leave some experience with a certain impression or result.
Imagine, you attended an excellent seminer on personal finance.
You could say,
I came away with a lot of information on how to save for retirement.

reach out:
Make a special effort to help someoen or communicate with them, as if
youwe were literally reaching out yourour hand.
PriestsPolice sentand no profit organizations mymight reach out to troubled young people, for example.

There is also noun, out reach, as in, Tokyo police have launched an out reach program to help troubled kids.

If I am cash-strapped, I don't have enough cash, I mean, I am in need of it.
We also say, be strapped for something, as in,
I can't take a vacation this year, I'm really strapped for cash.
Or imagine someone asks you to lunch,
you might reply, I am sorry, i can't I am really strapped for time today.

実ビジ:9/5:Brand Ambassadors in Action(1)

Lyons and Collins discuss Umemura's trip to see H&B brand ambassadors
at work at totwo Ohio universities. Collins says she intended the trip as a learning experience for Umemura and an opportunity to get feedback for the company,
and ask Lyons to listen to Umemura's findings with her.
Umemura comes to make his report, and says he only recently learned what a brand ambassador was.

Sent somone out into the trenches:
In athe militaly, a trench is a long ditch made inthe ground to hide or protect soldiers,
the image of fighting in dirt,you know,it means this word is often used to refer to the places where tough day to day work
and struggle takes places here, the front lines if you will
for example, He laboured in the trenches for ten years being promoted to management.

It's also common to say back to the trenches meaning
back to work, after lunch with the colleague, I might say
"Whell it's almost 1 oclock, back to the trenches."

in action:
Collins sent Umemura to see brand ambassadors working, functioning in other words.
High school student might visit the diet to see politicians in an action or labolatries to see scientisscience in an action.

Cut off:
Cut off has a number of meanings. Collins means people in the Manhattan office can be blocked, isolated from the real world, like mountain villages are cut off by snowstorms, sometimes.
Cut off can also mean to interrupt someone or something to stop it from continuing, for example,
Mary tried to explain why she was late, but her boss cut it off, he stopped her.

Field trip:
This is a trip made to some locations for fisrt termfirsthand observation, study
it's especially common regarding student trips outside the regular classroom.
My middle and high school classes went on field trips to art and science museums, for exmaple.

The inside fact or truth, collins thinksis saying.
A travel website might give ursers lowdaonw on different hotels.
For exmaple, tell them how good the locations or services actually were.

Take on:
There are many ways to use take .
Here it's a noun, meaning, someone's assesment of someting.
Their point of view on it.
For example, what's your take on the free trade agreement.
Do you think it will help japan's economy or harm it?

Explain further, give more information or more detail, Collins means.
You might say something like
"At our last meeting, you mentioned the possibility of a joint venture, could you expand that point?"

What do you make of it?:
This is a very common expression, meaning what's your opinion about the nature or meaning or something.
For example, what do you make of the sales increase last quarter? Does it mean our business's turning around?
Or was it a just temporaly improvement?"

Bitter Chocolate難しい(汗

本日はいまからパートナーSとエクスチェンジ。今日は朝から病院いったり母親教室行ったりと忙しく、またSもちょっとお疲れのようでいつもの朝タイムに話ができませんでした。あと、いま読んでるbitter chocolateですが進度が遅く、いまだ産業革命以前のところです。チョコにまつわる歴史の部分を読んでるのですが、ルイ13世とかバン・ホーテンとか出てきて面白いです。が、とにかく難しい。かたい本なので仕方ないのかな。とにかく毎日少しでも読まないと嫌になって投げ出してしまいそうな本です。早く現代のチョコ事情の部分に入れればなぁと思ってます。

cut someone off:someoneの行く手を阻む
tag--- 鬼ごっこ ex)play tag
have a prejudice against---嫌う;嫌い
perjury---偽誓; 偽証罪

Today was the day for my 36th week check-up, and unfortunately it turned out the advance of my cervix dilation was very slow. Which means, I would have to undergo so-called the ballon procedure, which artificially opens my cervix from 0cm to 5cm. It might depend on a person, but a lot of people unanimously say it will give me an accute pain. Hearing this bad news, I was frozen in front of my doctor.

However, there was good news. According today's result of the/my ultrasound, my baby's weight was about 2600g, within average. I had been afraid that my baby might be overweight assuming from my big belly, so at least I was little relieved.

Having a wide range of vocabulary

With one of my students, I'm using the English breaking news, which reminded me of what I used to be.

Almost 2 years ago, I had a hard time reading articles on this web site, I couldn't really understand them without my dictionary.

Obviously, it was due to lack of my vocabulary.

Since then, because I have been building my vocabulary, I can smoothly understand them, which made me realize the importance of having a wide range of vocabulary.



Finally, I reached my 36th week, the last month of pregnancy today.
Fortunately I haven't had any serious problem so far, which made me relieved.
After my 37th week, my baby will be able to come out anytime, so I should be careful and cautious about the slight change in my body.

By the way, recently I have noticed how convenient Japanese lauguage is, as I have been studying it with my English native friend.
Japanese can describe things with very little words, "臨月","勘違いする" to name just a few.

To express the word ”臨月” in English, I have to say "the last month of pregnancy" or "the month in which childbirth is due", which are too long for me.
When it comes to "勘違いする", which I can use in a variety of cases, English doesn't have the word exactly associeated with this according to my previous American teacher.
For example, to say "レッスン時間を勘違いした", I have to say, "I thought my lesson would be at a different time."

Until quite recently, I had been possessed with the idea that English would be more convinient than Japanese, so this new discovery turned my eyes into the advantage of my mother tongue.

千本ノック5 ちくしょ~





Bitter Chocolate

出産までにやりたいな~と思っていることがあり、今日からはじめました。以前多読用に購入したCarol OffのBitter Chocolateを精読し始めました。知らない単語、たくさんあって大変ですが、サラっと多読するにはもったいない本だと思うのでトライします。読み終わったら日本語版も確認の為に読んでみたいです。

Bitter Chocolate: The Dark Side of the World's Most Seductive SweetBitter Chocolate: The Dark Side of the World's Most Seductive Sweet
Carol Off


チョコレートの真実 [DIPシリーズ]チョコレートの真実 [DIPシリーズ]


These days the weather has been unstable.
What I'm bothered the most by this is that I can't take my dogs for a walk.

Especially one of them is trained to excrete outside.
Especially one of them is trained to go to the bathroom outside. <--- native sounding

Hence in case that I can't walk her, she can't do that
and eventually leaks urine or excrement in my premises , which makes me frenzied.
and eventually leaks urine or excrement in my house, which makes me frenzied. <--- native sounding

新TOEIC TEST読解特急4ビジネス文書編

新TOEIC TEST読解特急4ビジネス文書編がほしいな~と思ってます。ビジネス文書、見ることないのでとっても為になりそうです。またこのシリーズ、手軽に勉強できるから好きです。
Ψ( `▽´ )Ψ♪

新TOEIC TEST読解特急4ビジネス文書編新TOEIC TEST読解特急4ビジネス文書編
神崎正哉、TEX加藤 他


Every time I buy references or workbooks for TOEIC test, I slightly feel disgusted.
The TOEIC society, whose examination has been getting popular especially in recent years, make us pay a high fee to take the exam, but never let us bring the question sheets back home.
make us pay a high fee to take the exam, but never let us bring the question sheets back home.
make us pay high fees to take the exam, but never let us bring the question sheets back home.

Almost 6,000yen examination fee without question sheets.
What's more, the official question collections that the society has published are very expensive.

For me, they are taking advantage of the fact more and more companies in Japan have been highly regarding this test as their judgement of English skills as in performance rating or employment exams.

To get jobs or assessment, we take this test.
To get a good score on this test, we tend to buy the books for it.

Personally, I feel as if I'm kind of manipulated by them.
Honestly, however, I want to get a high score on this test,
so sometimes I feel frustrated feeling as if I surrendered to them.

Get into the trash

からすとかがごみを荒らすのはget into the trashでOKだそうです。

In my town, there are a lot of crows. Actually I had not known they're so annoying until I moved to this town.

Every day in the early morning, they start to caw, which make me wake up.
Every day in the early morning, they start to caw, which wakes me up. <--- native sounding

What's worse, in the day for the collection of garbage, they try to get into the trash, which make the site messy and smelly.
What's worse, on garbage collection day, they try to get into the trash, which make the site messy and smelly.<--- native sounding

Every time they bother me, I get a craving for killing them with a catapultslingshot or something like that, if possible.



ところで、毎日英語日記をはじめて1ヶ月以上がたちました。この英語日記の目的はスピーキング力の向上です。しょうもないことを言いたいだけなのに、時々今でも言葉が出てこないときがあり、こういうところを直していきたいな、とおもってます。あたりまえのことだと思いますが、日常英会話は、コロコロかわる相手の話についていかないといけないため、一番ハードです。なんでこのライティングトレーニングでdaily Englishを鍛えれば、いずれアカデミック英語もカバーできるだろ、と思ってます。



...添削してもらったんですが、いわゆる日本語の人間に関するアウトプット、インプットは伝わらないようですね。アウトプットはpractice, インプットはstudyのほうがいいのではないか、と言われました。これらはあくまでPC関係etc.に使われる言葉で、人間に関することには使わない、、、とのことでした。

It has been more than 1 month since I started writing my diary in English.

The aim of this is to give my English speaking skill not just fluency but also flawlessness.
Even when talking about just tiny stuff, sometimes I stumble since I can't come up with how to express them.
With this writing training, I hope I can improve this area.
Also, at a risk of stating the obvious, daily English is the hardest part for non native speakers,
since it requires us the skill and the speed to quickly catch up with the variation of topics.
since it requires the skill and the speed to quickly catch up with the variation of topics.
since it requires us to have the skill and the speed to quickly catch up with the variation of topics.
Hence I think the writing training can lead to enhancing my academic English skills as well.

I don't think it's ok or can't be helped that my English could include some mistakes as long as I can express my thought.
If I'm going to study and use English, I might as well beauifully handle it like educated native speakers.
I know it's hard for me, who can't seamlessly manage even Japanese, when it comes to its academic version.
However, I resolutely want to challenge immaculate English.

A lot of people might think writing is outputpractice, but for me, it isn't just the case.
【!】output does not make sense in this sentence.

Rather, I highly regard it as good occasion for inputstudy, because every time I write, I refer to my dictionary, textbooks and what I've learned through lessons or conversation with native speakers.

Conveying my thought with/in perfect English is my goal down the road.